What the restaurant needs?

Decrease the waiting time

Organize the bills

Add more items in menu without print every change.

Strong Points.

Big brand in steak house's niche.

Localization and services

International Steak Chefs.

About UX, how we solve it?

Creating an app that can be used like a menu

Input payment in this app, and show itens differently.

About steaks, put something that the costumer could change the temperature guide.

About flux map and how it goes.

You know what you want?

The usability of this project is based in a restaurant menu, trying to suggest and guide the constumer to choose what they want. And in hero area, we have this two ways to choose, if you know what you want, you go and select, if you don't know, we will suggest something, or the daily specials.

How the food will be seen?

Create something "normal" to the customer like e commerce or food delivery is functional, because he associate how to conduct himself to finalize, and do it without problem.

Ok, but how i will select my food?

This one was a challenge, because trying to take visual like a ecommerce and also visual identity of brand was hard, but we did it. Now you can select clicking on plus button, and see the price before press the button, and if you want you see the full card clicking the photo of food.

Order what you want, just it.

You can order something without the complete spaces, if you don't want the side dish, or don't want the beef, or don't drinking something, you could complete the action without problem, but you need to choose one.