Pandemic solutions, how we maintain our customers using our product without being here on gym?

In 2020 we saw a lot of business crashing because they're fully presential, and it took a new look to technology, how we expand our business to digital? In Smartfit we don't see any different change about it, and it costs a lot for company, because when you cancel the plan, you don't pay, if you don't pay, how company will earn money? Thinking about that i tried to create something for smartfit that can be used in different channels, like one plataform. You have frequence, cardio counter, workout organization, day by day, and a profile that you could cancel in any moment, you can pay in app, its a product, nothing new, but adapted for this situation.

What's the main idea?

Decrease the plan cancellation

Improve User Experience

Soluct more problems just on app

What we could do?

The visual adaption to brand

create new users journey

Improve the app to practice and run

About UX, how we solve it?

Creating an app that can be used like skype

Using something that they could associate and feel supported

Trying to catch feedback all time, in use, in call, etc

About flux map and how it goes.

In this fluxmap, when it was prepared, the main idea was to create something like a plataform, who you can exercise in gym, in your home, frequence and run, on gym or without it. To control your payment and manage your plan. We did it in a simple way, guiding the user to a intuitive way, to access what he want, in any moment.


Strong points


Low priced products

Fully European

Strong points

More than a gym

High popularity

Good app

Strong points

Good quantity of machines


Good branding

Strong points

High popularity in Brazil

Normal interface on web

Good quantity of gyms

Navigable app

Navigable app